Photo by David Mark-Pixabay

Sonoma County and Napa County are two globally known wine regions, but there’s a lot more to these stunningly beautiful California destinations.

Readers of the Bohemian—with a median age of 49, a mean home market value of more than $831,000 and a mean household income of $90,000—are accomplished but still active. They eat out frequently—pizza (60 percent), Mexican (48 percent), upscale restaurants (29 percent) and Italian (28 percent). More than half drink wines (red, 49 percent; white 45 percent; sparkling 28 percent), but not to the exclusion of beer, (domestic, 44 percent; imported, 31 percent; craft, 24 percent).

Culturally, they attend music festivals (44 percent), concerts (27 percent), bars and nightclubs (19 percent) and symphonies/opera/jazz/blues (14 percent). They also appreciate county fairs and festivals (33 percent), art museums (32 percent), live theater (24 percent), art festivals (23 percent) and professional sports (37 percent).

And given the beauty of their community, they naturally enjoy hiking and backpacking (47 percent), gardening (63 percent) and photography (45 percent).