Photo by dmorrin4370-Pixabay

Marin County is served by the Pacific Sun, America’s longest-published alternative weekly.

The county is one of the nation’s wealthiest and most desirable communities. Most residents here have accomplished a great deal in their lives, and are now focused on pursuit of the good life. Consequently, readers of the Pacific Sun are older than the readers of our other weeklies (57), and have a higher mean household income ($110,000) and average home value (more than $1 million).

Naturally, these readers possess the means to be active patrons of a wide array of cultural events, including pro sports (63 percent), art museums (53 percent), live theater (52 percent), arts festivals (32 percent), the county fair (30 percent), and a wide variety of music: concerts (28 percent), bars and clubs (21 percent), symphonies/opera/jazz (19 percent).

Most enjoy wine and beer: red (54 percent), white (47 percent), domestic (33 percent), imported (32 percent) and craft (24 percent). They dine out frequently, at upscale restaurants (37 percent), Italian (39 percent), Mexican (37 percent), Asian (32 percent), pizza (29 percent), seafood (24 percent) and also enjoy grilling (37 percent).

And research shows that they are physically active, enjoying hiking (45 percent), gardening (71 percent), bicycling (39 percent), photography (30 percent), swimming (38 percent) and volunteer work (40 percent).